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Zero thermal expansion Pore Free ceramics (ZPF)

ZPF (Zero thermal expansion Pore Free ceramics) is a revolutionary material achieving very low thermal expansion equivalent to recrystallized glass with ultralow thermal expansion while maintaining the high stiffness of ceramics.
It can be used for semiconductor manufacturing equipment (wafer exposure and reticle drawing) requiring nano-level control and cater to the stringent demands of users pursuing leading-edge technologies for miniaturization.

Characteristics (Value)


  • Low thermal expansion
  • High stiffness
  • Non-magnetic
  • Pore free

Comparison between ZPF and other materials

Product number Density g/cm3 Coefficient of elasticity GPa Bending strength MPa Hardness GPa Coefficient of thermal expansion ×10-6/K Coefficient of thermal conductivity W/m・K Electrical resistance Ω・cm
ZPF N-TYPE 2.5 150 250 7 0 5 1012
Low expansion glass 2.5 90 50 7 0 2 1013

*The coefficients of thermal expansion are the measurement obtained using laser interferometry at 23±3°C


  • Bar mirrors, L-shaped mirrors
  • Electrostatic chucks
  • Components of X-Y stages

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