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Vacuum chuck

We can provide optimal pin chucks tailored to strict customer requirements through customized design using world-class flattening process technology.
Seeking to achieve ultimate flatness, we have realized a flatness of 0.2 μm for 12-inch chucks. We can flexibly adjust planar shapes of pin chucks with variable unevenness according to the shapes of wafers and customize absorption zones and pin patterns to enhance absorption responsiveness.



  • High precision: flatness of 0.2 μm with L/F of not more than 0.05 μm
  • Shape control: adjustable chuck shapes in accordance with the shapes of wafers (unevenness control)
  • Absorption responsiveness: customized planar design following specifications


  • Wafer fixation for semiconductor exposure equipment
  • Wafer fixation for wafer inspection equipment

Our Technologies

◆Absorption of warped wafers

 Realization of ideal absorption using optimized absorption zones and pin arrangement


◆Precise flatness for 12-inch chucks

 Flatness of 0.2 μm with L/F of not more than 0.05 μm

◆Shape control

  Flexible chuck shapes according to the shapes of wafers (unevenness control)

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