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Description of business

Description of business

Production and sale of various advanced ceramics products (such as parts for semiconductors and liquid crystal products, vacuum chuck and electrostatic chuck heaters, abrasion-resistant parts, heat-resistant parts, and other parts for precision instruments)

Business Department Product Application and other information (main final products)
Ceramic Business Department Ceramics for general structures Semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment
Powder and grinding processing equipment
Pump and liquid processing equipment (such as balls and valves)
Vacuum Chuck,Electrostatic Chuck,Porous Chuck Semiconductor manufacturing equipment (wafer suction tools)
Liquid crystal manufacturing equipment (glass substrate suction tools)
Spray Coat Semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing units
Refurbishment Recycling of parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Phosphor plate (Phos Cera) LED, LD lights, etc.



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