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Porous chuck

Our original manufacturing method enhances adhesiveness between porous sections and base sections to achieve sufficient flatness even at boundary sections.
We can provide highly productive and reliable wafer thinning processing and manufacturing requiring whole surface absorption of large sized substrates.
We offer a wide selection of porous bodies with using different materials and pore sizes to cater to user needs.
We can also provide cooling hollow grooves in ceramic bases.




  • Fixation tools for wafer thinning process (grinder, polisher, CMP)
  • Fixation tools for several measuring and inspection devices
  • Fixation tools for processing film sheets and metal substrates

*We can provide surface coating according to purpose (for mold releasing, electrical conductivity, etc.)

Characteristics Chart

 Product numberDensity g/cm3Coefficient of elasticity GPaBending strength MPaCoefficient of thermal expansion ×10-6/KCoefficient of thermal conductivity W/m・KElectrical resistance Ω・cm

Alumina porous

Silicon carbideStandard product3.14105004.6170170
Silicon carbide porous-2.155504.7-26

Our Technologies

◆Mechanism of absorption and fixation

An object is absorbed and fixed to an intended place using negative pressure applied to a porous body.

◆Hollow groove integrated structure

Hollow grooves can be formed inside porous ceramic without leak risk.

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