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We restore wafer chucks damaged in device manufacturing processes to a state equivalent to new using our vast knowledge of ceramics.

In wafer chuck production, film formation and etching process are affected by the deterioration of temperature distribution on wafers caused by: degradation of planar property due to abrasion as well as joining layers due to corrosive gas; and change in the He gas cooling effect due to these degradations.
Vast experience and processing technologies of NTK CERATEC enables expensive chuck products to be used for a long period, contributing to significant cost savings.



  • Inspection system before and after Refurbishing using a wide array of inspection facilities
  • Ability to completely remove deposits during Refurbishment
  • Ability to produce ceramic spray chucks in addition to ceramic chucks

Outline of wafer chuck regeneration

  • Refurbishing chuck surfaces
     Improvement of surface roughness
     Restoration of flatness
     Reshaping of dimples
  • Refurbishing degraded sections
     Rejoining of metal foil and ceramics
     Refilling of joining layers
  • Refurbishing air leaks
     Replacing O-rings



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