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Alumina(Al2O3) Thermal shock residence type

A995S is an alumina based material with improved thermal shock resistance that achieves thermal shock resistance of ⊿T 500°C, 2.5 times higher than conventional products, ⊿T 200°C. Type S high thermal shock resistance alumina ceramics achieve significant reductions in production costs, replacing silicon nitride or silicon carbide conventionally used in high temperature environments characterized by rapid cooling and heating.

Characteristics (Value)


  • Usable in an oxidation atmosphere;
  • Cost almost equal to general high purity alumina (depending on shape of product); and)
  • Suitable for use on large equipment, complex shapes and high-precision, where silicon nitride or silicon carbide cannot be used.

Comparison between A995S and other materials

Product number Density g/cm3 Coefficient of elasticity GPa Bending strength MPa Coefficient of thermal expansion ×10-6/K Thermal shock resistance K Coefficient of thermal conductivity W/m・K Cost effectiveness
Alumina Standard product A995 3.9 380 450 7.3 200 30
Alumina Thermal shock residence type A995S 3.9 370 230 7.1 500 30
Silicon carbide 3.1 410 500 4.6 450 170
Silicon nitride ASN-5 3.2 290 720 2.3 700 26


  • Peripheral components of high temperature equipment such as heater panels
  • Conveying members in heat-treating processes
  • Components inside microwave plasma chambers

Product Lineup Chart

Type Characteristics Characteristics Usage
Standard product Large shape allowed
Relatively inexpensive
A995 ・Members for various semiconductor manufacturing devices
・Large components for various liquid crystal devices
・Large abrasion-resistant parts for machines such as a mill, grinder, pulverizer, and crusher
Low-dielectric loss type Low-dielectric loss A995LD ・Plasma devices for semiconductor manufacturing
Thermal shock residence type Thermal shock residence
High toughness
A995S ・Carrier parts for heat-treating process
・Heater peripheral members
High-purity type High-purity
AJPF ・Plasma devices for semiconductor manufacturing



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