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Low thermal expansion insulating ceramics Adceram-CS®

Adceram-CS®, low thermal expansion and heat-insulating ceramics

Adceram-CS® is light weight and has unique thermal characteristics (a low coefficient of thermal expansion, low heat conductivity and high thermal shock resistance). Also, due to excellent heat insulation with small dimensional changes from heat, Adceram-CS® can cope with abrupt temperature changes.

Characteristics (Value)


  • Low thermal expansion 【a coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.9x10-6/K】
     ⇒One third of silicon nitride
  • High heat insulating property【a coefficient of thermal conductivity: 1.3W/m・K】
     ⇒One third of zirconia
  • High thermal shock resistance【⊿T=700℃ *through JIS aqueous quenching method】
     ⇒Equivalent to silicon nitride

Characteristics of Adceram-CS®

Product number Density g/cm3 Coefficient of elasticity GPa Bending strength MPa Coefficient of thermal expansion ×10-6/K Thermal shock resistanceK Coefficient of thermal conductivity W/m・K Electrical resistance Ω・cm
Adceram-CS® D3 2.3 90 150 0.9 700 1.3 1010
Adceram-CS® D1 2.6 110 200 4.7 350 2.6 1012


  • High temperature heat treatment jigs: precise glass lens forming, metal heat treatment, etc.
     ⇒Effect on shortening cycle time for increasing and decreasing temperature
  • Heat and electric insulating materials: semiconductor manufacturing and inspection equipment, components for heaters and laser equipment
     ⇒Contribution to thermal uniformity of heat sources and energy saving by preventing heat loss to connected members



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