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Ceramics Coating

We provide inexpensive and high value added ceramic sprayed film with high density incomprehensible under normal circumstances by utilizing high-power atmospheric pressure plasma spraying equipment.
We can integrally perform ceramic substrate production and coating with materials selected in consideration of use purposes such as resistance against abrasion, corrosion or plasma.



  • Dense film
  • High adhesion
Film type:
(2)Y2O3 (Yttria)


  • Members inside semiconductor chambers
    (perfect members for etchers and CVD devices)
  • Several types of members related to abrasion resistance
  • Electrostatic chucks

Our Technologies

◆High output plasma gun

High output twin anode gun forms
dense and highly adhesive ceramic film

◆Impurity (contamination) prevention

We prevent impurities from contaminating sprayed film by executing spraying work in a class 10,000 clean room.

◆Ultra smooth surface polishing technology for sprayed film

We can provide sprayed film with mirror-like finishing using our accumulated ceramic processing technologies.

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