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Phosphor plate, PhosCera®

The world’s first phosphor dispersed plate for LED/LD. LED/LD illumination has been actively promoted as part of the effort to reverse global warming.
However, heat deterioration of phosphor plate solidified with resin has been an obstacle to increasing luminosity.
Without using resin, PhosCera can be used in severe operating environments required by high luminescent LED and LD.



  • Heat resistance of not less than 500°C
  • No deterioration due to ultraviolet and laser light
  • Fine printing technology for flexibly designed shape, size and thickness
  • Color tone and color rendering property for a wide variety of uses
  • Mass production for lowering production costs


The following equipment for which improved output is required:
  • Projectors
  • Head lumps
  • Illumination

Our Technologies

◆Examples of use

White light can be produced by letting blue LED light pass through yellow phosphor. As yellow is complimentary color to blue, white light can be produced by mixing yellow and blue light.

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