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Quality and environmental policies

Quality and environmental policies

NTK CERATEC quality and environmental policies Basic concepts

In line with its management philosophy, NTK CERATEC specializing in the ceramic and piezoelectric fields is determined to:

  1. Supply high-quality products at low cost in a timely manner and speedily, and become number one in customer satisfaction, and
  2. Aim to harmonize with the global environment, reduce environmental burdens in from procuring raw materials to shipping products, and clarify and comply with environmental laws and regulations, and other requirements as a good corporate citizen.

In order to realize the basic concept, all of us participate in:

  1. Making efforts to satisfy our customers’ requests in the quality, delivery time and cost of our products, and continuously offer our products produced by differentiated technology up to the customers’ expectations,
  2. Continuously improving our quality management system and environmental management system, and making efforts in improving quality, cutting down delivery time and cost, complying with laws and regulations, preventing contamination, and improving the environment,
  3. Promoting in-house training and education activity so that all our employees can recognize the importance of quality and environmental conservation,
  4. Defining quality and environmental goals, endeavoring to accomplish the goals, and reviewing them periodically or as necessary, and
  5. Setting a common goal to zero the number of complaints from customers for quality improvement in our various operations, and making efforts in achieving the goal.

Revised on Apr 1, 2016



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